2016 Halloween Costume Trends

October 20, 2016

You can find some of the most trend worthy costumes this year at Walmart!


Suicide Squad – Any character from this hit movie will be sure to impress. There are so many characters from this movie that you can impersonate. If you’re looking to go as a couple, Harley Quinn and The Joker are a really cool duo to go as. This couple costume is anticipated to be a huge hit this year.

Pokémon – With the recent Pokémon Go craze, we should be seeing a lot of “real” Pokémon hit the streets this Halloween. Dress up as your favorite Pokémon character and if you get your friends to do the same, it will look like a cool Pokémon squad.

Orange Is The New Black – This very popular Netflix original is sure to make for some inmates running around this year. If you get a group of girlfriends to dress in orange jumpsuits you’ll be good to go. You can even turn this into a couple costume by going as an inmate and guard.

Emoji – Emoji’s are becoming even more popular with all the new IPhone updates happening. It would be fun to recreate your favorite emoji into a costume. You can easily paint your face as one or get a full body costume. Either way, this can turn out really cute or super funny, depending on which emoji you use ;)


Do you already have your costume planned out for this year? We would love to hear all your creative ideas!


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