5 Tips for Getting Back on Track After the Holidays

January 06, 2016


Happy New Year everyone, we wish all of the best in 2016! If the holidays have left you feeling disrupted, you're not the only one. Many people currently find themselves in the awkward space between a relaxed holiday routine and the need to get back on track. Whether your vice was skipping the gym, over indulging on food, or spending carelessly, we’ve put together a few tips to nudge you back in the right direction so you can face 2016 refreshed and energized.


1. Get a Good Planner

Sure, there are probably a dozen apps for this, but getting a good "old-fashioned" planner and pen has yet to have lost its usefulness; physically writing things down is proven to help with memory vs. doing it electronically.  We suggest this elegant Planner by Kate Spade, on top of looking really good, its layout enables you to tackle things by month and by week for optimum organization. You can get yours at Coles!


2. Make Sleep a Priority

Sleep is usually one of the first things that get neglected in busy seasons, but for the sake of getting things back in order it really needs to be prioritized. It will become unnecessarily difficult to tackle other goals while being sleep deprived. Set a routine and strive to stick to it, a regular schedule will enable your body to get the most rest.


3. Drink More Water

Drinking a glass of water after getting your required amount of rest is critical to kick starting your body’s metabolic process. Maybe you haven’t been your healthiest this holiday season, but taking a simple step like upping you water intake is a great way to boost your health and mental focus.  An eco-friendly way to stay on top of your water intake is by using of reusable water bottle; they’re durable, cost effective, and can help you decrease your carbon footprint. You can find a sleek one like this at Footlocker!


4. Cleanse Your Body for The New Year

Detoxification is a normal bodily process, and doing a healthy cleanse can be a great way to rid your body of any toxicity you might have accumulated over the holidays.  You can try a DYI or store bought cleanse like this Herbal D-Tox 12 Day Cleanse Kit from Sangsters, to get your cells and organs functioning at their optimum potential to face the year ahead.


5. Eat In Color

A simple way to get a good amount of nutrients back into your meals is to aim to have more colourful plates of food. Brightly coloured food like carrots, peppers, and beets are packed with essential nutrients. With this tip you can simplify your efforts to eat healthier by heading over to Walmart produce sections and shopping by color, have fun!


We hope these tips will help you get things back in order as you start the new year! What’s one thing that you do at the beginning of every year to start it on the right foot? We’d love to hear from you!

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