Countdown To Christmas

November 11, 2015


Yes, you read that right, we are officially counting down to Christmas! And why not, it’s been in the backs of our minds for weeks now, and is only 43 days away (we’ll spare you the hours and minutes this time). The fact that it comes around every year never seems to alleviate the chaos it tends to bring, so we’ve put together some “ground rules” to ensure a smoother than ever Christmas this year. You’re welcome!


1. Toys 101

If you’re a proverbial unicorn, and have somehow hit the lottery of not having any toys on your list this year, we envy you! For the rest of us simpletons, Walmart, Sears, and Showcase, are the go to places to visit on the quest for toys.

2. Delegate

Your list of to do’s is about to hit an all-time high, so it’s time to delegate where you can. Since you’ll be here shopping anyways, we thought we’d do gift wrapping for you. We’ve partnered with Meals On wheels to bring you the gift wrapping Stations once again. You can get your gifts wrapped for a minimum donation of $2 per gift from December 5th to the 24th. Get full details here.


3. Get deals were you can

 It’s never just about finding the right gifts is it? Budgetary restraints always seem to rear their ugly noses in your shopping plans, but that’s ok when you can get good deals! In comes the Marlborough Mall Black Friday Weekend Event; On November 27th, 28th, and 29th. On top of the tons of deals you’ll find throughout the mall, a FREE $25 gift card will be given to the first 50 shoppers who present receipts from purchases on $100 or more to customer service on November 27th .  Get full details here.


4. Kill two birds with one stone

Try to avoid multiple trips where you can. Since you’ll be in the mall shopping away, stop with your little ones and pay a visit to Santa Clause while you’re here, he arrives in the mall on November 21st. Click here for details.





There you have it folks, a few good tips to get you thinking ahead and help you save some time this year. What are some tricks that you use to stay on top of things during the holidays? Share them with us below!


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