DIY Dream Board

September 01, 2016

We’re transitioning into a new season and it’s the perfect time to make a change!  Dream boards are an excellent way to put positive goals and plans onto paper. The point of creating a dream board is to get excited about the future. You’ll glance at your board every day and by doing so you’ll be able to keep in mind where you want to be and what you want to do!


What you’ll need:

  • Poster board. You can really use any type of board but with a poster board you can use fun tacks and move things around easier if need be.

  • A big stack of magazines. When picking your magazines you want to choose ones that really stand out to you. If you want to get into yoga you can pick a yoga and fitness magazine. There’s pretty much magazines for everything these days so it’s the perfect chance to get creative! Pick magazines that mix what goals you want to achieve.

  • Glue or tacks. We recommend tacks so you can add and subtract easily without a mess.

  • Post – it notes. These are a fun way to brighten up the board and add a personal touch.

  • Markers or pens to write your own personal notes to yourself.

What to do:

  • Sit with yourself and figure out what you want to put on your dream board. It’s helpful to write down all of your ideas first. The best part about a dream board is that no dream or goal is too big or too small. It’s fun to dream big with these boards. It gives you the confidence to work hard to achieve your goals when you see them on a tangible board.

  • Once you have thought out your intent, you can now start on the board. You can lay out your board however you want. Whichever way looks nice to you, do that. Everyone’s individual boards are going to look uniquely different, that’s the best part!

  • After you’ve put all your dreams and goals on to your board, it’s time to hang it up. Make sure it’s in a place that you’ll look every day. After a while, you’ll be surprised to see things in your life transpiring just like how you have on your dream board!


What are some of your biggest dreams and goals? We would love to hear and maybe get some inspiration for our own boards!

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