Fall Footwear Sneak Peek

August 12, 2015


Nothing makes a statement quite like having the hottest shoes on the block.

So, we've put together a few suggestions to help you really level up your footwear game this fall!


1. Leather Slip-On from Le Chateau

Need something a little more casual? We hear you.

Sometimes, the best shoes are the ones you can get into quickly and go! These slip-on sneakers make leaving the house easy, without compromising on comfort or style. Stop by Le Chateau for this pretty pair of love!


‚Äč2. Flashy Sneakers from M.D.X Footwear

Who says men can't have a little flare in their life? We encourage it! 

Whether you're attending a cocktail party this month or just looking for a comfortable pair of shoes that doesn't compromise on style, this pair does the trick! Find these flashy badboys at M.D.X Footwear.


3. Fun Flats from Call it Spring

Talk about stylish! This lovely pair of flats will bring comfort and sophistication to all of your fall outfits. Want a pair? Swing by Call it Spring for yours!


4. Career Loafers from Sears

Need to combine stylish with professional for work? These career slip-on loafers will help you carry on with your busy days without having to worry about your feet's look and comfort! Sears is your destination for this professional and sleek pair of shoes!


So, what are you waiting for? Summer isn't going to last forever (we wish it would!) so swing by Marlborough Mall today to add these babies and get ready for fall! 

Tell us in the comments below, are we more likely to find you in slip-ons or sneakers this fall?

* selection may vary in-store.

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