Get Ready - Stampede Style

July 13, 2016

Stampede is in full swing and we’re here to help make you the most stylish cowboy / cowgirl at the rodeo!



Cowgirls -

Plaid seems to be the most favored option between cowboys and cowgirls. You can put a button up plaid shirt over a neutral colored tank top, or throw one on over a summer dress. Plaid shirts look great unbuttoned with rolled up sleeves or even tied around the waste for a more casual look. Right now Ardene has some great deals on plaid shirts!

Lace tops are also a cute way to Stampede it up without going full cowgirl. A pretty lace top with a jean jacket adds the perfect western touch. We found lots of cute lace tops at Urban Planet.

Cowboys –

Again, you can never go wrong with a nice plaid button up. Keep it tucked in while you’re at work and untuck it when you’re ready to hit the grounds. Men have also been spotted wearing denim button ups or even just western themed T-shirts. Walmart has a wide selection on mens Stampede wear right now.




It comes as no surprise that denim jeans continue to be a top trend in Stampede fashion. Pretty much anything denim goes. A nice pair of jeans, shorts or even a denim skirt is perfect for Stampede. If you’re looking for more of a trendy western style you can go with leather leggings. A cute pair of short overalls is definitely making a comeback if you feel like being a nostalgic cowgirl!   

Cowboys –

A nice pair or denim jeans with a big ole’ belt buckle!



Cowgirls / Cowboys –

Cowboy hats and boots are of course staple Stampede wear. Spring has really cute Stampede boots right now! A bandana properly placed can bring a nice western touch to any outfit. Silver jewelry and chunky leather bracelets work really well with cowgirl outfits. Also a brown purse with fringe seems to be favored among cowgirls. Cowboys have been seen wearing black or brown leather belts with statement buckles.


What does your favorite Stampede outfit look like!?

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