Go Back to School in Style

August 18, 2016

That time again is coming up quick. Make sure you’re ready to rock this year’s fashion trends!


Hair – Something low maintenance but still cute. We suggest the medium length blunt bob. Not too short but something that’s easy to manage on those Monday mornings when you really don’t want to spend an hour doing your hair. With medium length hair you can still put it up if you’re in a serious study sesh. We’re seeing a ton of fun hair colors right now. Why not try something different to kick off the school year!?

Face – With all that late night cramming you’re going to need to take care of your face before even thinking about makeup. Face masks seem to be an up in coming trend and they’re the perfect way to keep your face hydrated. Not to mention they’re fun to have at a study sleep over with your girlfriends!

Make up – It’s fun to experiment with different make up looks. However, we think you should keep the experimenting for the weekend and stick to a more simple look for school. You don’t want to waste your time in the morning doing something elaborate and then end up not liking it and having to start over when you have ten minutes before the bus comes. A little bit of mascara goes a long way, and we can’t forget about those brows! When it comes to make up, less really is more.

Clothes – High waisted jeans and oversized sweaters definitely seem to be a common theme going into fall right now. As well as causal athletic gear. A nice fresh new pair of runners can complement any back to school outfit. For more of a preppy look, try to match a comfy dress with a fitted denim jacket.


We hope these points help you if you’re stuck on how to make your back to school come back. Just remember a smile and a positive attitude is the best accessories!

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