Halloween Safety

October 29, 2015


Halloween is coming up this weekend and is meant to be a fun and playful time to be celebrated by many. Regardless of what your plans are for Halloween, we’ve put together some safety tips to ensure that you have an enjoyable and safe time this year.

Halloween Safety Tips for Parents & Kids

- Teach your little ones how to be safe pedestrians long before actually hitting the road. Teach them simple rules like not darting across the road, crossing only at the corners, and looking left & right (always look left first) before crossing the street.

- Remind them not to rely on their ears alone; they must look as well, as many new vehicles are very quiet.

- Walk facing traffic, especially if there is no sidewalk.

- Make sure your kids are visible in the dark. You can acheive this by dressing them in reflective gear, giving them glow sticks, flash lights, or attaching some reflective tape to their costumes.

- Dress in warm clothes

- Avoid lit candles and wear flame-resistant costumes

- Consider events like our Trick or treating, or Pumpkin Party event for younger children vs. trick or treating

- Paint or decorate your pumpkin rather than cutting it to avoid having children use sharp objects.

Tips for Drivers

- Drive slowly, always signal, avoid passing stopped vehicles (may be stopping to let children out)

- Put away your phone and other distractions

- Keep in mind children wearing costumes may not be able to see properly.

- Check behind your vehicle before reversing and honk before reversing out of a driveway

- Plan an alternate route around residential areas, if possible

- Leave lots of extra time. If you’re late, don’t stress. Better late than never.


Dont forget about our awesome halloween events, one of which starts tomorow! Click on any of the below images to be taken to the detailed events page. We hope to see you all there!















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