Holiday Fitness Tips

October 15, 2015


Now that thanksgiving has passed, the holiday season is basically upon us! As exciting as it is, the holiday season also tends to be the Achilles heel of most people who try to otherwise stay fit throughout the year. With traveling, family time, and endless meals, it's no surprise that most people tend to backslide in their fitness progress during the holidays.  The good news is that you can avoid this cycle; with the right amount of savvy planning you can maintain your fitness levels and not feel like you’re missing out on anything. We’ve put together the following tips surrounding motivation, planning and execution to help you avoid sliding backwards in your health and fitness this holiday season.



Get gear that you love

It’s a psychological phenomenon that the clothing you wear can trigger mental changes that have a positive effect on you. Get workout clothes that you feel good in and it will only make sense that you get active once you’re in them.

Workout gear from Footlocker.


Enlist the help of a workout partner

Don’t do it alone, staying motivated to get up and get things going it much easier with a workout partner. Have an agreement with your partner to push and hold each other accountable.



This might not sound like a fun thing to do but it’ll be hard for you to stay on top of you fitness goals without any form of planning.


Have a workout planner

A workout journal is a way to get an overview of the milestones you’ve reached on your fitness journey, and a great way to plan your workouts ahead of time. Fitness professionals say that you should be planning out your training at least a month in advance. Doing this is especially useful during the holidays when vacations, trips, and disturbances to your routine are frequent.


Keep a food journal

Most of you might admit that half of the time you have no idea exactly what you ate during the day. A food journal is a great way to monitor what you're consuming and to know if you are overeating. Chances are that your eating habits won’t be perfect during the holidays considering all the delicious food available, but this is just an easy way to keep from over indulging.

Notebook and Journal from Coles.


Keep on taking your vitamins

Keep in mind that one missed workout session or one bad meal is no reason to sabotage on all your other efforts to stay healthy. Since the holiday season also happens to be flu season it’s important to keep on taking in your vitamins regardless of the changes in your routine.

Vitamins available at Sansters.

Staying fit and healthly during the holidays can be very challenging, but with these simple steps, you can stay on track. Follow these ways to stay fit this holiday season, and be on your way to enjoying the food you love while keeping your wasteline in check.


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