5 Great Gift Ideas for Dad

May 28, 2014

It’s the time of year when all our attention focuses on dear old Dad.

He’s been there through it all, teaching you to ride a bike, kissing boo-boo’s, cheering you on during sports or recitals…

It’s time to give back, and we don’t mean a tie (trust us, Dad has enough of those)!

Here are 5 gift ideas to make you Dad’s favourite this year:

  1. Team Gear – Help Dad show his team spirit with NHL, CFL, NFL, MLB, NBA and Soccer gear from Premier Sports.
  2. New Swag – Ok, so he’d NEVER call it swag, but it’s time to replace those beat up Dad jeans and worn out t-shirts. Check out the specials at Stockhomme for Father’s Day.
  3. Tech & Gadgets – Who doesn’t love a new phone, camera or other cool gadget? With 15 electronics, cellular, music and photography stores to choose from, there’s definitely something for Dad at Marlborough Mall.
  4. The Right Tools for the Job – Dads are always fixing things and having the latest and greatest in tools gives him what he needs to get the job done and bragging rights to having the best kid ever! With their Craftsman line, Sears has you covered in this department.
  5. Gift Cards – He never has any money because he spends it all on you, so this year give Dad the gift that keeps on giving, a Marlborough Mall gift card! And now’s the perfect time because starting June 1st, when you buy a $100 gift card you get a $10 Tim Horton’s gift card FREE!

Now you’re armed with awesome ideas for Dad that won’t break the bank and will earn you major points!

Be sure and watch your inbox next week for our Father’s Day giveaway announcement!

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