5 Ways to Cure the Holiday Hangover

January 07, 2015


It seems that the holidays are filled with two things - too much and not enough. There is always TOO MUCH food filled with empty carbs, sugars, fats, etc. (but oh so yummy!), too much rushing around, too much stress and, for some, too much to drink (after attending 10 or more cocktail parties what do you expect?!).

Of course, that means that there is just NOT ENOUGH rest, exercise, nutritious food, water, and overall healthy lifestyles.

Too much and not enough can really wreak havoc on your body so here are 5 Ways to Cure the Holiday Hangover and jumpstart your year as a healthier, happier you:

1. Hydrate - It may sound simple or even silly but water does work miracles. From easing headaches and reducing puffy eyes to improving skin and just making you feel better overall, water is your best friend. While the amount you should drink is really based on your weight, sticking to the tried-and-true method of eight 8oz glasses a day will get you off to a great start.

2. Get some R&R - I know, easier said than done but if you can carve out just 15 - 30 minutes each morning to meditate, do yoga, or just sit and "be", you will be amazed at the impact it has on your overall health both mental and physical.

3. Eat well - Everyone's in a rush and you have to eat what you can grab, I get it. But, taking the time to slow down and think about what you eat will actually save you time. By eating healthier you will have more energy, be better focused and are more productive.

4. Breathe - I mentioned meditation earlier but taking time to really focus on your breathing throughout the day will help you to clear your mind and better concentration on the task at hand. As you move from one task to another, try some deep breathing between and you will find the shift to be a bit easier.

5. Shop! - Ok, so this one may not be for everyone but it definitely works for me. Lots of walking around Marlborough Mall, sales getting my heart racing, the adrenaline rush of showing off my new styles...ahhh, it's almost as good as a workout!  ;-)   Click HERE yo check and see if your favourite store has any hot deals.

Tell me, what are you doing this year to get your blood pumping and cure those Holiday Hangovers? Share in the comments!

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