A Checklist for the Perfect Thanksgiving

October 01, 2014


Thanksgiving is just around the corner and, while we're thankful for all the usuals: family, friends, health, etc. - we secretly can't wait for the FOOD!

Is Thanksgiving a big deal at your house? If so, we have put together a checklist to make it easier for you to prep for the BIG meal.

And to get it all? You only need to make one stop for grocery shopping this year – Walmart at Marlborough Mall has everything you need!

☐ Tablecloth

☐ Napkins

☐ Dinner and dessert plates

☐ Forks, knives and spoons

☐ Bowls and serving trays

☐ Carving knife

☐ Gravy boat

☐ Glasses

☐ Coffee cups

☐ Turkey

☐ Stuffing

☐ Cranberry sauce

☐ Green beans

☐ Mashed potatoes

☐ Gravy

☐ Salad

☐ Bread

☐ Pumpkin pie

☐ Beverages

☐ Ice cream

Think of something we've missed? Share in the comments and also tell us, what's your favourite Thanksgiving menu item?

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