Back To School Featured Trend #3

August 27, 2014


Ok, we have to admit - we LOVE this sporty outfit for Back to School!

This look mixes everything that's awesome about fall trends this year and does it so well!

This sports-inspired outfit is dressed up with:

  • Fall's super hot tartan trend
  • Bomber jackets are very on trend right now, and layered with a hoodie, it adds all the warmth needed during Calgary winters.
  • Converse-inspired sneakers- what a practical way of getting around! They can be worn with just about any outfit and are comfortable shoes that make running around campus easy. 

​We created this look with a flannel sleeveless shirt, plaid pants, red purse and red shoes from Ardene then topped it all off with the gorgeous blue bomber jacket from Designer Depot right here at Marlborough Mall!

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