Fall Footwear at Marlborough Mall

September 25, 2014


Are you ready for fall?

We aren’t either…we’d much rather enjoy some more warm weather but, Mother Nature never wants to wait for us and it’s time to prepare.

The best thing about fall?


Since it’s time to keep those toes nice and warm, we thought we’d go on a search for some fab footwear to help make the transition into colder weather a bit more bearable. We found lots of great options from every style of boot imaginable to every day comfort with style.

We absolutely adore the wedges, loafers, and pumps at Payless. Practical and a bit sassy all in one. They also have a great selection of extended calf and riding boots to keep your feet warm and you looking hot!

If you’re an ankle boot fan, Call It Spring has something for everyone - laces, buckles, zippers, you name it! Whatever your style or colour preference, you’ll find something you love.

Tell us in the comments below, what’s your go-to footwear for fall? Are you looking forward to slipping on some super cute boots? (Don't be shy - just login using Facebook or Twitter to leave a comment)


*Note - styles and colours may vary in-store

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