Love Is In the Air

February 11, 2015


Valentine's Day is just two days away and we are feeling the love at Marlborough Mall! From great promotions and offers in our stores to the gift of gowns for grads - it makes us all warm and fuzzy inside. 

And speaking of warm and inside - we will be OPEN on Family Day, Monday, February 16th from noon til 5pm so stop by and get out of the cold. A little shopping can get the heart pumping, blood flowing and warm you up from head to toe!

You can take a peek at all our special offers here:

And don't forget about the special events and giveaways we have going on right now. You could win TWO $150 Marlborough Mall Gift Cars (one for you and one for your sweetheart) or a $500 shopping spree for a Gowntown Donation! Get the details here:

Tell us, what's your favourite Valentine's Day gift? Are you a flowers person or are you all about the chocolate?

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