Men's Summer Hairstyles

August 04, 2016

Guys, we haven’t forgotten about you! We’ve got the hottest summer 2016 hairstyles for any fashion forward man.


Faded on the bottom with volume on top – We’ve come across this one a lot and it can defiantly be versatile depending on how you style it. This is a great summer look because the weather won’t ruin your voluminous brushed back hair. The messier, the better for this laid back look!


Swept to the side - Keep it clean and classy with a modern side sweep! You can’t go wrong with this hairstyle, keep the top at least 4 inches and have the sides and back buzzed. Also, make sure that you style this cut in the natural direction that your hair falls.


Faded buzz – If you’re a busy man with not much time to spend on your hair, this one’s for you. This is a great look and very convenient when the weather gets scorching hot. It’s also very low maintenance but still looks clean. If you feel like you want to “man it up” a bit, this hairstyle looks great with stubble or a beard.


The classic undercut - For something a little more conservative, go for a classic cut which still maintains trimmed sides, but leaves the top not too long. Styling the classic undercut is simple, and a bit of hair product will keep it clean and polished.


Top knot cut - The men’s top knot is still as popular as it has been for the past couple of years. A top knot is a great option for hair in that awkward transitioning length, bringing an edgy, but under-control look to your longer hair. Not to mention it looks extremely modern and stylish.


Just bring these hairstyles to any barber and you’ll be looking fresh all summer long! What hairstyle have you guys been rocking this summer?

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