Must Have Toys of the Holiday Season

December 02, 2015


Trying to figure out which toys will warm your and your children's hearts for the holiday 2015 shopping season? We've weeded through the selections in the mall and narrowed down some the best toys for your kids this holiday season that are also kind to your pockets. Take a look!


1. Newberry Pastry Shop and Accessories

Make their play time enjoyable with this accessory set that includes a display case, light and sound register, drink making machine and so much more! This Newberry play set promises to be a favourite for years to come.

Get yours here: Sears.


2. Doc McStuffins™ Learning Game

A perfect gift for the explorative mind! Just like the Doc McStuffins™ TV series, your little ones will get to examine toys, make a diagnosis, and treat their toys and plush animals.

Get yours here: Sears.

3. Star Wars Electronic Lightsaber

Now your children can feel like a true Kylo Ren with this Electronic Lightsaber!

Get yours here: Walmart.


4. Mega Bloks Minions Station Wagon Getaway

Minions are still very popular this season. This blok set allows your children to go on a building adventure with their favourite Minion characters, Kevin and Stuart!

Get yours here: Walmart.

5. Shopkins Vinyl Storage Case

Shopkins are all the rave right now! Their super cute, fun, small, and there are many of them. This sturdy carrying case is the perfect gift for your little Shopkins collector, it has over 22 storage compartments, and one larger compartment to store shopping baskets and bags.

Get yours here: Showcase.

6. Frozen Beaded Purse

This aborable tin carry all, is the perfect gift for a little Frozen fan. The purse comes with a beaded handle and clasp.

Get yours here: Showcase.




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