Summer Gardening 101

July 20, 2016

Gardening in the summer can be a great and rewarding hobby to get into. These gardening tips will help your beautiful garden survive during the summer months.



Helping your plants thrive is often a case of proper planning, placement and soil fertility.  A strong plant can better withstand the stress of high heat and dry weather.  You can use organic compost or even a good liquid fertilizer to give the plant proper nutrients if it doesn’t get too much sun.



Perennials are the plants that keep on giving. A perennial can live for over two years so you won’t have to keep replanting your garden every year. They have a hardy root system and need less water than other plants so they’re less high maintenance.


Be Cool

Do the most intensive gardening work when it’s cool out (before 10am or after 4pm). Weeding isn’t the most fun gardening task, so you might as well stay cool while you do it. It’s best to water your plants while the sun is gone. This is so that the sun doesn’t burn your freshly watered flowers.



Mulch helps to enrich the soil you’re using. Using mulch in your flower beds or pots keeps the moisture from evaporating, allowing more infrequent watering. It also moderates the temperature of the soil so it doesn’t get baking hot in the summer sun.


We hope these summer gardening tips helped! What are your favorite plants and flowers to have in your garden?

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