Summer Nail Trends

July 28, 2016

Need a little sassy summer nail inspiration? We've done all of your research for you on what's hot right now on and off the runway!


Matte Marble

Lately it seems like everyone is obsessing over white marble everything. So it's no surprise that this fad is ending up on all the fashion bloggers nails these days. The look is very clean and classy with ahint of sophistication. There are a ton of tutorials on YouTube right now on how to achieve this beautiful nail trend.



Metallics give such great dimension to nails when applied with a glossy top coat. This look is perfect for hitting up a summer festival. You can find many different mirrored colors on the shelves. It’s a fun idea to mix and match the colors for a disco ball effect.


Bold Neon

Neon in any color looks amazing, especially as a pedicure. If you’re going on a tropical vacation this summer its fun to paint your nails something bold and bright. If you’re having a girls weekend, paint each other’s nails using crazy and fun colors.


Pretty Nudes

Nudes are perfect for a lighter neutral in the summertime when you’re looking for an option other than white. These are the perfect nails to wear to a wedding or a weekend brunch. The best thing is that you can pair a nude set of nails with anything to make you look extra cute and girly.


Can you think of any other nail polish trends you’ve seen out there this summer? We’d love to hear what your favorite mani looks like!


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