Thank YOU!

July 09, 2015


We can always count on you for a good time.

Our annual Stampede Breakfast was a huge success, and we want to thank YOU for making it such a big hit!

Scroll down to see if you spot yourself in any of our Stampede pictures, and be sure to scroll down to the very bottom for your chance to win a $25 or even a $100 Marlborough Mall Gift Card!



We enjoyed lots of fun, laughter and activities with our whole community, and we're thrilled that you chose Marlborough Mall as your destination to enjoy a delicious breakfast on us! It was so great to see everyone having such a wonderful time!



What was our favourite moment? Well, if we REALLY had to choose, we just loved seeing the look on the kiddies' faces when they met the furry munchkins in our petting zoo! 



Oh, and let's not forget all of the adults hanging out with their favourite animals too!



We can hardly wait for next year! 

Don't forget! The Calgary Stampede is still in full swing and you could win a $100 Marlborough Gift Card just for taking a selfie! Full details are here.

Now, tell us in the comments below - what was YOUR favourite moment from our Stampede Breakfast? You'll be entered to win a $25 Marlborough Mall Gift Card! 


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