Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas

September 30, 2015


Still not sure how to decorate your home for fall and Thanksgiving? We’re going to help you welcome their arrival with awesome decorations for your home. We’ve gathered some decorating ideas that you can use in centerpieces, on mantels, indoor fall displays, and more. Decorating can be a little overwhelming so we’ve kept these tips super easy for you with items you can easily find in the mall.  With these tips, the right amount of creativity, and a little elbow grease, you can be on your way to having Thanksgiving décor perfectly suited to you own personal style.


Use Gorgeous Gourds and Pumpkins for Decorating

Pumpkins and Gourds are currently readily available and they can easily add a flare of autumn elegance to your home. They look great on a mantle, are a great addition to any center piece, and offer enough versatility to be of great use throughout your Thanksgiving decor. Walmart has Striped Mini Pumpkins and Sparkler Mini Pumpkins, they’re inexpensive and the perfect size to be used as decorative accents.


Repurpose Décor Items

So you have your, pumpkins, gourds, and other seasonal items, now what? This is where you get to have a little fun and to be creative. One of the best things you can do is to repurpose versatile décor pieces. Candleholders have to be one of our favorites; place your seasonal items on them for a gorgeous fall displays to be placed on mantels, or in a centrepiece. We suggest using candleholders in varying heights, not only does this give you more depth, but it’s also more ecstatically pleasing to the eye. The beauty of using candleholder like this as opposed to their intended purpose is that it’s cost effective; in a couple of months you can switch the fall items out for some Christmas décor to create some more beautiful décor. Sears currently has candle holders in varying styles and sizes in there clearance section.


Create Height with Vases in Varying Sizes

Vases are perfect for creating height and depth in your décor. You can easily create a beautiful centre piece for pennies by using a collection of varying vases, some leafy branches, and a few stems of your favorite flowers. Vases can also be filled with pine cones, candles, hazelnuts, colorful leaves, or your own assortment of seasonal items for a standalone decor piece. You can find a large selection of affordable vases at Dollarama.


We hope we’ve given you some inspiration to get you decorating. We’d love to hear what your favourite ways to decorate your home for the holidays are. Please share them with us in the comments below!

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