Trending Hairstyles For Summer

June 20, 2016


Goodbye head warmers, hello hair! It’s officially summer and we’re jumping into the top hair trends for the season. Warning: fabulous tresses may result. ;)

The Choppy Bob

Gone are the days of the smooth, perfectly symmetrical bob. In this 21st century version of a 1920’s classic, effortless chic is possible. Experiment with different lengths, layers and highlights!

Big Bouncy Curls

Bigger is always better. :) Curls are a great way to add volume, plus they’re the epitome of sexy hair! From soft waves to tight fro-like ringlets and everything in between, this look is great for a night out or to add some extra oomph to your look.


Plaits are definitely back this summer. Try loose and messy braids for a more casual day vibe or tighten them up in an up-do for a more sophisticated look. Crown plaits, double plaits, four-strand plaits - there are so many different ways to try!

Pastel Hues

Looks like pastels are trending in more ways than one! For the brave among us, try a hair colour ranging anywhere from lilac to pink, green or blue to add some real character to your ‘do. 

And that’s it folks! Is there a trend you think we missed? Let us know what styles you’re rocking in the comments below!


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