Winter Fashion Inspiration

January 14, 2016


It's tough enough having to battle the elements, let alone thinking about looking cute while doing it. We know that it's often tempting to opt for functionality instead of fashion, so we’ve put together a few hottest winter fashion trends to keep you inspired.


Go over the Knee 


That’s right, we’re daring you to go one-up in the boot department this year. Over the knee boots have been seen on the runway, the red carpet, and fashion blogs, this sexy shoe trend is everywhere we turn — and it might just be time that it made an appearance in your closet. This gorgeous pair we’re featuring is from Spring.


Don’t fear the fur


For most, a full on fur jacket might be too reminiscent of an eccentric family member from our youth to ever be a feasible fashion statement. However, the current fashion trends involving fur are far from that of your dear old aunt Fiona. Fur vests have become a fun and fashionable layering piece that’s a staple in many winter wardrobes. We found this adorable one in Sirens.


Graphic black and white


The mesmerizing combinations of black and white patterns are a go-to trend this season. This trend is a heavy hitter for its ability to be fun and faltering at the same time. You can find this on-tend sweater at Le Chateau.


The quilted jacket


We love a versatile trend and a quilted jacket offers just that. This trend is a simple yet affective way to amp up your style, and can be worn in a sporty of chic way. We love this jacket from Sears, it does a great job at stitching the wearer in while giving a polished and well put together look.


There you have it, just a few fashion inspirations to get you though the rest of the winter in style. What are some ways that you stay motivated to be stylish throughout the winter? Do you browse through magazines, Pinterest pages , or maybe store windows for inspiration? We’d love to hear from you. 

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